Terms & Condition

Terms regarding service
  • Pen, Pencil, Crayon color and color spots are non-removeable.
  • 100% stain removal for old and permanent stains can not be guaranteed.
  • Cleaning does not promise shining
  • Insides of wadrobes, closed storages are not a part of any cleaning packages.
  • Vacant/Arrangement/Sorting of stored items is not a part of packages.
  • Wall Ceiling & P.O.P Designs will be cleaned by dry process only.
  • Car Washing:
    1. The water and electricity supply shall be supplied by the customers.
    2. Do not give your car to our staff to drive.
  • Bike Washing
    1. During the Car Wash, the Bike-Washing would be undertaken.
  • R.O Plant
    1. As part of R.O Plant Service, general servicing of your R.O Plant will be done.
  • Bill-payment
    1. The hard-copy of the bill paid for the service provided will be provided in the next visit.
  • Guided Services
    1. Any guided service provided shall bear an extra cost which has to be paid by the customers.
  • Membership
    1. The V-care membership is non-transferrable and your friends, relatives, etc can’t avail the benefits and services of your V-care membership
  • Water Tank Cleaning
    1. The over-head tank of your house shall be cleaned as a part of the water-tank cleaning.
  • A.C Servicing
    1. As part of the A.C. servicing, general servicing of your A.C will be done.
  • Deep-house Cleaning
    1. No cabinets, cupboards or drawers shall be cleaned as a part of the Deep-House cleaning.